Another strong week for Identity Racing

Sunday 23 July

On Thursday evening, Ash Coning took his first road win of the year, crossing the line solo, 25 seconds ahead of the bunch. Our Yorkshireman recounts the race…

“Luckily the weather dried up before the race – it had been raining all morning and had it not dried up it would have been pretty sketchy.

“After a quick start to the race, with a few silly attacks from other riders, I rode hard at the front of the bunch up the climb at Little Barugh and kept it going over the top and down the descent.

“At this point I already had a pretty decent gap so thought I may as well give it 100% with there only being about 20 kilometres left. It was really tough, and I thought at times the peloton were catching me but I held them off and took a pretty nice win.”

On Saturday, Theo, George, Sam and Josh took on the North West Circuit Championships in Preston. After great teamwork by all four riders, Theo sprinted strongly to take the win and the regional title, with George also bagging third place.

Theo said, “It was a really good race. I felt strong all the way round and I timed my sprint perfectly.”

Having been out for most of the year with illness, Saturday saw Sam Iddon return to racing. Afterwards he said, “It was great to back racing this weekend. It’s been a while!

“Being ill for most of the season has really ruined it for me but to be back racing is great. I knew going into the race that I’m nowhere near as fit as I used to be and it’s now just about trying to keep healthy again and away from illness and try to focus on the final part of the season.

“I’m training hard and my fitness is getting back on track. I’ll just have to see what the end of the season has in store!”

After two wins for the team, Elliot, Michael, Theo and George went into Sunday’s eighth round of the Junior National Series on a high. Although we didn’t have any finishing results to shout about, our riders helped to light up the race. Elliot tells us more…

“The goal for me in this national was not to sit in, but to get in the moves. I managed to get in a break, just before the midpoint of the race.

“I bridged to a 6-man break, then I was joined by my team mate Theo. I was one of the main driving forces in the break, really trying to get a good gap, but after we crested the finishing hill, after about 20 minutes of being up the road, we were caught and I was absolutely spent.

“I couldn’t carry on with my plan of getting in any more moves because my legs were just gone. I finished mid bunch

“I’m pleased to have got in a move at a national, and this is just the beginning of me trying to animate the racing.”